For IRobot Roomba S9 S9+ Vacuum Cleaner Roller Brush Side Brushes Filters Kit

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How to buy a robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuum robot It is the ultimate helper in the present day that can organize cleaning for you. Quick and convenient nowadays, robot vacuum. There are many distributions throughout the world. It has been told about its advantages and performance in use. Moreover, the manufacturing company has developed Intelligent vacuum cleaner out Comes as a variety of options There are many prices to choose from. Then you should choose Which brand of vacuum cleaner to buy? Let’s look at the selection techniques that will help you get. Vacuum cleaner A partner full of quality in the right way

For IRobot Roomba S9 S9+ Vacuum Cleaner Roller Brush Side Brushes Filters Kit

8 Ways to Choose a Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner that is suitable for the cleaning area.

Of course, there are different areas for cleaning a house. It is well realized that there are cleaning robots for different cleaning areas for each model. To be able to cover various cleaning In your home perfectly More thoroughly than being limited to any area or not all corners, so before buying every time, do not forget to check information to make sure that Intelligent vacuum cleaner Can it be cleaned properly for your home? What is the cleaning scope? How much is suitable for the area?

Robot vacuum navigation system

A navigation system is very important when choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner if you do not consider a quality and suitable navigation system. It makes vacuuming and cleaning not covered. At present, there are 3 types of navigation systems to choose from as follows

  • Mapping Camera
    Mapping Camera is a compact camera for taking pictures of room corners. In order to determine the direction of vacuuming
  • Infrared Sensor
    This navigation system has an infrared sensor for emitting signals. As well as select a signal in an empty area to find the direction to clean If there is a impact or collision, it will retreat and find a new direction to continue working.
  • Laser Distance Sensor
    on top of this navigation robot vacuum cleaner. There is a circular platform for laser emitting on top of the machine. In order to measure the distance to create a map to simulate Determine the direction of movement and vacuum by the Laser Distance Sensor system. It is known as a navigation system with high precision.

Dust box capacity

The first thing to consider is the dust box capacity. Each model will have a different capacity, ranging from 200 to 800 milliliters if you want speed. It is convenient and does not have to waste time removing the debris inside the dust box frequently. It should be chosen with a large capacity.

Battery capacity and operating time

The battery is very important for a robot vacuum cleaner. You will need to consider carefully before purchasing whether it is enough to clean the area and the house or not. What is the capacity and how long does it take to charge? How many hours can it run on a single charge? To calculate the time and energy saving that it is worthwhile or not to buy

In addition to the battery capacity that should be considered a top priority, the charging system is also important. Should choose a cleaning robot with a self-charging base running system, when fully charged, it can be able to clean the remaining areas. Considered convenient and very responsive

Vacuum robot price

Of course, one of the factors when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. Price is extremely important. The budget for the purchase should consider the suitability and value for the various system features of the machine, what is the cheap vacuum cleaner with the features and quality that are enough for the price? By specifying budgets for purchasing that most will range from thousands to tens of thousands Ready to compare with intelligent vacuum cleaner models Price and features that are worthwhile and best match your application.

Ease of portability

Should choose to buy a robot vacuum from the cleanliness to move the robot. Portability That is very important Because if the vacuum cleaner is too heavy or bulky, it may be difficult, so make sure to check the weight before shopping. To the form How is the shape of the robot Is it convenient to carry or move?

Vacuuming robot sound

Sound is what comes with Robots are always vacuumed, some are very noisy. Or some models are also very quiet It depends on the preferences and convenience of each person. Before choosing to buy every time, do not forget to check how loud the sound is in about. Usually the most popular very quiet noise levels are 40 decibels and 50 decibels.

The basic functions of a robot vacuum cleaner

Functionality is another consideration when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner, and with many different systems it can be a hassle for some, so you can choose one that is available to listen to. Convenient basic functions such as scheduling for work. Operation of the smart vacuum cleaner via the remote control Or connecting to work applications while you’re away from home or busy getting things done. In addition, robot vacuums have a number of additional features today. That is considered a very good choice

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